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Welcome to the flightgear.xf.cz website :-)

I have created this simple website primarily to share my new FGFS textures with the FlightGear flight simulator community. However, I do not resist future development if needed.

If you are interested you can also visit my Microsoft Flight Simulator addons website http://flyaway.wz.cz

Enjoy your flight :-)


Last updated: 16.6.2010

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Fixed XML file for Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System:

This is just a small fix to funcionality of the hatswitch. Tested with FGFS ver. 2.0. To download rightclick on the link below and choose "save as". Then simply copy the file and overwrite the original one in input/joystics/Saitek folder of your FGFS.

download the fixed file here

Alternative summer textures, version 2.0:

download the textures here (zip file, 43 Mb) , or, if the download halts, please use the alternative download link here

open the Readme PDF file

Other links:

the official FlightGear website

Great website with many other FGFS addons: http://www.unitedfreeworld.com




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